What do you think about me doing some Q&A videos now and again?  It is completely up to you!  you can ask me anything about veganism, myself, Ooby, or anything else…though once you’ve left my areas of knowledge you won’t really get much of an answer.

Anyway, this one-sided game of truth or dare…well, truth or truth I guess, could bring us closer together!   If you’re game, let me know in the comments and write any questions you may have.  once I’ve got a handful or so I’ll put out a Q&A video, most likely on a Friday.
I leave it in your capable hands!

See ya next nugget!






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2 thoughts on “Vegan Q&A | Do You Want It?

    YES!! Love a Q & A idea.
    Tell us about your hobbies.
    Where do you shop for clothes?

    thanks for the question, Casey. I”ll add it to the file!

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