(Stay for outtakes after the credits!) this is the be all to end all of bonus nuggets: The most effective way to convert people to veganism ever!

A tongue-in cheek look at the ineffectiveness of exclusionary aggression against non-vegans.  And also the manifestation of the occasional secret desires of many a frustrated animal activist (or at least this one) ;)
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6 thoughts on “The Veganizer: Punching Faces and Traumatizing Children…for the Animals

    Love the video!

    ..except Morning Star is usually not vegan :(

    louise says:

    funny-do u think some pple might think this is promoting agressiv action-i was confused-maybe add a note at beginning-re how NOT to try to convert non vegans

    ha..it’s possible, though I would hope people would have the common sense to recognize “tongue-in-cheek” when they see it ;)

    I too have the secret desire to smack non-Vegan food stuffs out of people’s hands.
    Sadly I will never act on this impulse, but happy and relieved my feelings are shared.
    PS: You look great in a cape! :)

    Very funny Emily made me smile…………keep up the good work (!)

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