Prepare yourself and GIRD YOUR LOINS for The Third Coming of The History of Veganism! We’ve travelled back to Ancient Times in Part One, braved The Middle Ages in Part Two, and now, we experience the rebirth of The Renaissance! Hear da Vinci answer the age-old argument “Plants, Tho.” See historical figures in a whole new light! Prepare yourself.  It’s coming… [tweet this out!]  

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Prepare Yourself:

The History of Veganism Part One
The History of Veganism Part Two

3 thoughts on “PREPARE YOURSELF & GIRD YOUR LOINS!!! [History of Veganism Part Three Trailer]

    sally anne hubbard says:

    Looking forward to this.
    We think veganism is a new concept when it has a past and an ancient one.

    Absolutely! It’s been there as long as eating animals has :)

    louise says:

    Ice age created animal n human carnivores. Also created deserts of sno n sand. See book Saharasia

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