Nothing SLAUGHTERS holiday fun like VEGANS. Witness their TERRIFYING buzzKILL powers! See if you can make it all the way through this gruesome catalogue of vegan horrors! It’s more corny than candy-corn!

[which is vegan, by the way…]

see ya next nugget!



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7 thoughts on “How Vegans RUIN Halloween!

    Hilarious! Love your costumes =)
    [I’m in love with your conscience]

    Oh well thank you ;D

    Sally Anne Hubbard says:

    Love this. Funny as well as educational. I am so happy to see vegans sharing which candies are vegan to other people.
    There are so many vegan choices and so many people are researching and spreading the word

    kathleen lavelle says:

    Brilliantly done, Emily !!!

    Catherine Perinet says:

    Great video! Funny, educational and moving! Emily, you are as brilliant as ever! Love from France.

    Victoria says:

    Dear Emily,
    As a fellow artist and vegan, I soooo admire your creativity and dedication to your educative work. This particularly creative BSV (Halloween) video was a true masterpiece — comedy & tragedy/silly & sad — at the same time. It held me (dare I say it?) spellbound. You are AWESOME-NESS beyond AWESOME-NESS!! While I think all of your videos are powerful tools for education and showcase your talents, I want to thank you so much for THIS one because it added a healing dose of levity to my day.

    Wow thank you so much!! That means so very much to me ;D And I’m SO glad to hear it brightened your day :D Much much love

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