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i’m so excited that you’re going to be a nugget newsletter peep!  and you should be too :)  with your new peep-status, you get exclusive access to the ViV area of, insider updates from me on the bite size vegan front, and a free ebook! plus, of course, an automatic aura of unmistakable coolness!  

so be sure to click the confirmation button in the email we sent your way!  and just a lil’ fyi: sometimes the email takes a little bit to find its way to your inbox, but it’s on its way!  and once again, welcome to vegan nuggety awesomeness!

a quick tech note:

for gmail users: 
since gmail’s new-ish “category” system rolled out emails from bsv will now most likely get filtered into the “promotions” tab. in order to be sure you don’t miss an update, here’s what i suggest you do:
a) click on this new promotions tab, and drag (and drop) any emails from the nugget newsletter into your “primary” inbox.
b) after you do that, you’ll get an alert that asks you if you want to do this for future emails. click “yes!” and you won’t miss any of my updates!

alternatively, you could turn off the tabs entirely. go to “inbox settings” and uncheck the social and promotions tab. :)

for all email users:
watch for the newsletter every wednesday and check your spam folders in case it gets lost in there [the spam folder is a scary place…]