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Posts tagged: YouTube

Worse Than An Itchy Christmas Sweater | Holiday Update Spectacular

Welcome to a special Christmas—or Hanukah or Kwanza or festive atheism or holiday season or Wednesday—vegan nugget. Nailed it. So today, I wanted to make a year in review video,…

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YouTube Is Deleting Subscribers — Your Help?

I really dislike making YouTube videos about YouTube, particularly when the title, albeit completely accurate, carries a “clickbaity” connotation. You may have heard of the “bug” in YouTube causing people…

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Do You Speak Vegan? Translation Help Needed!

Making the vegan message accessible to everyone in the world is a dream of mine and, I’d venture to assume, most vegans. (Except, of course, those who got into it…

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Why YOU Are Awesome + 30,000 Subscribers?!

This is a quick informal video post, because it’s informal Friday, all about how freakishly awesome you are. [tweet this and/or this]   I’ve been meaning to tell you this for…

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Gary Yourofsky Is On Social Media! (Finally!)

Many people impersonated him.  Thousands of false profiles have been made.  He said he’d never do it himself, but it finally happened.  Gary Yourofksy is on social media.

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