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Posts tagged: terminology

Why You’re Offensive & Don’t Know It

There are certain common colloquialisms many of us use everyday that you probably don’t realize are offensive. So I’m here to make you feel bad about yet another thing you…

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Vegan vs. Vegetarian

Vegetarians and vegans are usually lumped together as though they are synonymous terms, but are the differences greater than the similarities?  What exactly separates the two?  And is vegetarianism really…

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Is Animal Testing Effective & Does It Save Lives?

Most people can agree that animal testing (vivisection) is horrific.  And most people can get behind banning animal testing of things like cosmetics. However, when it comes to potentially live-saving…

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Can You Love Animals AND Eat Them?

are you a self-proclaimed “animal lover?” do you rescue countless dogs and cats, volunteer at your local shelter, petition for saving endangered species and circulate online calls to action for…

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Vegans Kill Plants! (Warning: GRAPHIC PLANT VIOLENCE)

As a vegan I get some really interesting comebacks and arguments against a vegan lifestyle.  When someone’s trying to point out the fallacies of a vegan lifestyle, they almost always…

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