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Posts tagged: more about emily

10 Things You Don’t Know About Me & May Wish You Never Did

I don’t usually get personal on my channel. But when I do… it’s incredibly awkward…for all of us… [for the full dose of glorious, glorious awkwardness, you hafta see the…

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Life With(out) You | The Story of Ooby The Bulldog

To understand why life without you is so impossible, you first have to understand how life was with you. And other people should hear it too. Because you, my dear,…

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My Relationship Status, Education, Favorite Music + | Personal Q&A Pt2

Today’s Q&A is Part Two of a special edition all about my personal business. I decided to open up for questions as a thank you for all of your support! I…

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My Vegan Tattoo Experience! can’t be loaded: My Vegan Tattoo Experience! ( So a while ago, I did a full tattoo tour and showed the beginnings of my leg piece. I started it…

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Why YOU Are Awesome + 30,000 Subscribers?!

This is a quick informal video post, because it’s informal Friday, all about how freakishly awesome you are. [tweet this and/or this]   I’ve been meaning to tell you this for…

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