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Posts tagged: education

Do You Speak Vegan? Translation Help Needed!

Making the vegan message accessible to everyone in the world is a dream of mine and, I’d venture to assume, most vegans. (Except, of course, those who got into it…

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12 Year Old Cures Dad’s Diabetes & Fights Childhood Obesity

Most people have lifetime goals. Maybe you want to own your own home by the time you’re 30. Maybe you’d like to meet your childhood idol. Maybe you’d like town…

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Are Zoos Educational?

What’s not to love about the zoo when you’re a kid? You get to see all kinds of animals from polar bears to giraffes. You can stand eye-to-eye with a…

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PREPARE YOURSELF & GIRD YOUR LOINS!!! [History of Veganism Part Three Trailer]

Prepare yourself and GIRD YOUR LOINS for The Third Coming of The History of Veganism! We’ve travelled back to Ancient Times in Part One, braved The Middle Ages in Part…

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How To Find Strength For Activism | My Top 5 Tips

How do we find the strength for activism? With the overwhelming multitude of wrongs and injustices in this world, where do we even start? How do we keep fighting when…

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