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Posts tagged: crowd funding

Let’s Make A Vegan World! + Free Online Summit

Do you want to make a vegan world?  I want to make a vegan world.  Let’s make a vegan world…together! [tweet this]  What’s that? you want to know how?  I’m…

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What I Do With Roadkill + Hanging With You in A Sleazy Motel

What do you do when you see “roadkill”?  It’s a pretty common site in our world, one many of us become numb to by necessity or simply lack of awareness. …

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My Branding Experience, Possible Prostitution & Social Media Phobia | My Vegan Move

While I was moving up the coast of the US recently from Florida to Massachusetts, I did some vlogging, as many of you, my dear readers and viewers, have requested…

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Double Your Money, Double Your Impact: Create New Vegans!

Bite Size Vegan is all about saving animals and changing lives by creating new vegans and arming current vegans with the tools they need to veganize.  And now, for a…

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Save Animals, Change Lives, Join the Nugget Army!

I’m going to be very open and transparent with you today and if you know me, you know that I’m a no BS kind of girl.  When I first started…

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