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Posts tagged: animal liberation

How to Be the Next Gary Yourofksy

There’s no doubt that vegan activism ,Gary Yourofsky, has made a profound impact on the world. His website is filled with thousands of testimonials of people who have gone vegan…

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Is There Hope for A Vegan World? | Gary Yourofsky

Will there come a day when veganism is the norm and meat, dairy and egg eaters are in the minority?  With the overwhelming enormity of unnecessary animal suffering in the…

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How To Be A Digital Activist & Find Your Voice| The Bite Size Vegan Story

I truly believe that everyone can be an activist.  Trust me, if i can do it, anyone can!   I recently had the privilege of speaking  at VegFest in Orlando, Florida,…

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Gary Yourofsky: Banned International Terrorist

What do you think you would have to do to be labeled an international terrorist?  What would it take?  Assassinations?  Bombings? How about freeing animals?  How about giving living beings…

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Gary Yourofsky On Effective Activism & Not Losing Hope

Upon opening our eyes and realizing the extent of animal suffering in this world, many of us come to the desperate question “What can I do?”  If you’re like me,…

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