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Posts tagged: animal liberation

Why I’m A Vegan Against Animal Welfare

I wanted to provide a more comprehensive answer to an important question I received on the Facebook live stream: what is your position on animal welfare, or more specifically, welfarism.

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The Importance of Bearing Witness | Toronto Pig Save Interview

The animal agriculture industry is shrouded in secrecy. We don’t see where our food comes from or what the beings who become our meals go through to get to our…

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I’m NOT Freelee the Banana Girl! [And That’s Okay!]

If you’re vegan and on YouTube frequently–hell even if you’re not vegan and on YouTube once a month, you probably know of Freelee the Banana Girl.  Freelee has a massive…

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Does Violence Have a Place in Animal Liberation? | Gary Yourofsky

Is violence ever truly necessary?  Does it have a place within the vegan animal rights movement?  vegan activist Gary Yourofsky thinks so and thus is a very controversial figure within…

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DO NOT Go Vegan for the New Year!

It’s New Year’s Eve and you know what that means: time to roll out the resolutions.  Maybe yours is to finally ask out your crush, or to be more bold…

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