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It’s one thing to watch footage from a slaughterhouse. It’s another to watch as it’s happening in the moment. No script. No editing. Raw and real.

Look into the eyes of hundreds and hundreds of pigs on the way to a brutal death in the CO2 chambers. Walk along a beautiful footpath where families walk their dogs, to the side of the plant where the rotating gas chambers are located. Hear their screams through the wall of the building.
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I arrived in England, and this was my morning in the beautiful rolling countryside. In the middle of a quite, lovely field, down a wooded lane.

It IS like this here.

It IS like this everywhere.

Open your eyes.

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Join me at the farmers market for a tour of tasty vegan food—like farm-fresh local produce, pizza, and cookies—and all the organic, free-range, cage-free, pasture-raised humane goodness you could ask for!

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There’s no question that humanity as a whole has accomplished many great things. Beautiful, powerful and challenging works of art; profound words of poetry and prose; consciousness-shifting philosophy and discourse, astounding advancements in technology and paradigm-altering discoveries in science. These aspects of our species appear unmatched by any other.

We are also unmatched in our capacity for leaving a monolithic amount of destruction in our wake. Unmatched in our creation of arbitrary lines of discrimination—within our very own species—and the resulting horrific enforcement of these false hierarchies, manifesting in such injustices and atrocities as racism, sexism, homophobia, genocide.

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I wanted to let you all know the details of my upcoming talks. And in the interest of continuing to prepare for said talks, I’m going to try and resist the overwhelming urge to make this a super animated video & fantastical blog post.

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