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“Hat’s off to Emily Moran Barwick who has created a vegan education video series featuring short, digestible, and approachable information on the vegan lifestyle. Emily wants to reach non-vegans and vegans alike with her humorous delivery, but hard-hitting facts.”

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In this post and the next, we’re going to address two aspects of the same topic: the fact that we are literally loving our pets to death! Let’s take a closer look at what the cost of our affections are to our companion animals themselves.  Just a quick note, for the sake of time and simplicity, I’m going to be using the terms “pet” and “owner.” these particular terms are far from ideal but are the best for sake of time and understanding.

Let’s start with the words of Gary Yourofsky , who says, “we love these animals to death.  And I say to death for a reason.  We love them so much, that we breed them, and we breed more of them, and we keep breeding them until we end up murdering 5 to 10,000,000 unloved, unwanted, homeless dogs and cats annually.” (read more + resources)

There is this thing in the vegan community I’d like to refer to as “douchery.”  It’s when people have the elitist attitude that only certain people can be vegan.  Let me assure you everyone, there are enough animals to not kill, and enough cruelty to not inflict for all of us.

Do you really think that an animal in need is going to say “Whoa wait, you’re a Republican? Pshh, turn your conservative ass around and let me die.”  More likely they’d be thinking, “I don’t even care if you think you pooped out the whole of the universe, and that you are actually our reigning fecal lord, just get me the hell out of here!” (read more + resources)

So, I’ve had many people say “oh wow, you have great definition/musculature” and then, once they know I’m vegan, start to counsel me on the importance of protein in my diet.

This is just a fun little bonus nugget of gratuitous vegan-muscle bearing.  Not because I think I’m awesome, but to show the myth isn’t true. (read more + resources)

One of the most common arguments against a vegan diet is that it’s natural for us to eat meat.  You often hear this paired with with phrase, “if we weren’t meant to eat meat, then what are these for?!” while vigorously pointing at ones canine teeth.  Sadly, moderately pointed teeth in an otherwise capped-tooth mouth do not a carnivore make.

Dr. Douglas graham says “our anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and psychology all indicate that we are not carnivores.”  The following is an incomplete list of the differences.  It’s time for humans vs. carnivores! (read more + resources)