hey everyone so i have a little bit of internet time that i wasn’t quite expecting. i just wanted to let you know where i’m going to be for little bit. if you’ve delved into any of my artwork outside of my bite size vegan project, you’ve probably deduced that i have a history of mental illness. and i’m being serious about this. it’s a taboo subject and something that we don’t like to talk about as a society. unlike an amputated limb, or a tragic cancer diagnosis, mental illness usually brings a sense of shame not only to the person diagnosed, but to their family members and loved ones. (read more + resources)

today we’re going to talk about a really inconvenient truth: you cannot be an environmentalist and a non-vegan.  in my very first nugget ever, i touched on the environmental impact of the animal products industry. today we’re going to compare the benefits the environment that the typical going green methods have, to the impact that you have by making shifts in your diet. often times the most passionate, vigilant, and militant environmentalists still eat animal products. let’s take a look at why that is…well…stupid. (read more + resources)

when someone commits atrocious acts of depravity, we call them an “animal.” this video post takes a playful and serious look at our use of this term…and who is really the “animal” in our society. now let’s get this out of the way first. of course all humans are animals. but what i’m talking about is when we use the term “you’re an animal!” to describe someone with horrific behavior. like a serial killer. (read more + resources)

Today we’re going to look at how we are feeding our pets to death. 53% of adult dogs and 55% of adult cats are overweight or obese. Believe it or not there are actually fat camps now for your overweight pets and Pfizer developed a drug called Slentrol to treat canine and feline obesity. More importantly than how much we are feeding our pets, is what we are feeding our pets.  The gulf between what most of us believe we are feeding our meat eating cats and dogs and what we are actually giving them, is enormous. (read more + resources)

(Stay for outtakes after the credits!) this is the be all to end all of bonus nuggets: The most effective way to convert people to veganism ever!

A tongue-in cheek look at the ineffectiveness of exclusionary aggression against non-vegans.  And also the manifestation of the occasional secret desires of many a frustrated animal activist (or at least this one) ;) (read more + resources)