Now if you are a vegan or if you’ve even ever thought for a second about being vegan, someone somewhere has asked you, “so where do you get your protein?”  Today, I’m going to show you where i get mine.  Now during the video for this post, I show footage of me eating one of my most protein rich meals–lettuce and dates.  I’m not going to go into all the nuances and details of the vegan protein debate, just going to talk a little bit about it, show you where I get my protein from, and about how much I average daily.
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Most people can agree that animal testing (vivisection) is horrific.  And most people can get behind banning animal testing of things like cosmetics.

However, when it comes to potentially live-saving medicine, the line of acceptable evil begins to blur for many people. (read more + resources)

Body image is a HUGE topic in today’s society and the vegan community is no exception.  Many people go vegan in order to lose weight and look “better.”

You can find thousands of videos, books, and article on vegan weight loss, raw vegan weight loss, how to lose weight on a vegan diet, et cetera. (read more + resources)

are you a self-proclaimed “animal lover?” do you rescue countless dogs and cats, volunteer at your local shelter, petition for saving endangered species and circulate online calls to action for animals?

if so, what do you eat? this video addresses the hypocrisy of being an “animal lover” yet continuing to eat animals and animal products. (read more + resources)

As a vegan I get some really interesting comebacks and arguments against a vegan lifestyle.  When someone’s trying to point out the fallacies of a vegan lifestyle, they almost always come to the argument that plants suffer and die to feed the vegans of the world, and that if we are so worried about reducing suffering, what about all of the helpless plants that we kill? (read more + resources)