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The Vegan Revolution [Second Appearance]:

The Vegan Revolution [First Appearance]:

I wanted to provide a more comprehensive answer to an important question I received on the Facebook live stream: what is your position on animal welfare, or more specifically, welfarism. (read more + resources)

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding dairy farming. Now this isn’t about pointing fingers but certain groups of certain people (cough and very obviously say “vegans”) have made it their mission to spread harmful lies about dairy, threatening the livelihood of hardworking farmers.

So if you want to survive in today’s kill-or-be-subjected-to-the-aggressive-sanctimonious-whinging-of-animal-activists-surpassed-in-grating-annoyance-only-by-utter-inaccuracy-to-the-point-where-you-pray-they-renounce-veganism-just-so-you-can-be-killed world—listen up! (read more + resources)

November 1, 2016 marked the 22nd year of celebrating World Vegan day and, appropriately enough, the resumption of the criminal trial in Canada that’s thrust animal rights and veganism onto the international stage. (read more + resources)

Nothing SLAUGHTERS holiday fun like VEGANS. Witness their TERRIFYING buzzKILL powers! See if you can make it all the way through this gruesome catalogue of vegan horrors! It’s more corny than candy-corn!

[which is vegan, by the way…] (read more + resources)