I can’t believe it’s been a year. Sometimes I still think I hear you. I feel like I was holding you just yesterday. People said it would get better, that time heals all wounds. But I don’t think a lifetime is long enough to get over you. (read more + resources)

At the depths of it, the reason most people won’t go vegan is the same reason that vegans can’t understand why most people won’t go vegan.

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Every year, the President of the United States pardons two turkeys from being slaughtered for Thanksgiving.[1] But what most people don’t realize about this supposedly lighthearted tradition is that the majority of pardoned turkeys die within a year of their pardon.[2][3][4][5][6][7] [tweet this]

And this year, as in several times before, the two presidential turkeys will come from my state—Iowa.[8][9] [tweet this] Two days ago I was at a turkey slaughterhouse in Iowa, where over 20,000 turkeys a day are killed.[10] They were terrified. Sitting in the cold for hours upon hours. Covered and feces and sores. One with a growth the size of a basketball on her chest. I stayed with them for hours and streamed footage live to the channel to share their stories on the last day of their lives. You can see those videos here(read more + resources)

There are certain ailments one expects as an unfortunate consequence of getting older. For men, frequent late night trips to the bathroom and increased risk of prostate cancer are regarded as inevitable aspects of aging, with treatments ranging from medication to invasive and debilitating surgery. But what if prostate enlargement and cancer could be prevented and even reversed?  What if what your doctor isn’t telling you could save your life? (read more + resources)

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I stayed with them for hours. In the Iowa cold. I stayed with them for hours in the Iowa cold. They were terrified. Covered in feces and sores. Some already dying.

This is nothing to be thankful for.
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