There’s no shortage of animals in advertising, with many-specied mascots hawking all manner of products, up to and including their own flesh and secretions.

Catering perfectly to the inherent dichotomy of animal lovers who eat animals, meat, dairy and egg industry ads are rife with smiling animals all too happy to be eaten, or comically encouraging the consumption of others. This rather perverse yet extremely pervasive concept is something I explored in depth in this video, Do Animals Want To Be Eaten?[1]

But what if the animals we eat actually ran their own ad campaign and replaced the billboards emblazoned with their severed body parts and secretions with distinct individuals. What would they say to us? What would they ask of us? And how would it change our behavior and attitudes towards them? [tweet this] (read more + resources)

Welcome to a special Christmas—or Hanukah or Kwanza or festive atheism or holiday season or Wednesday—vegan nugget. Nailed it.

So today, I wanted to make a year in review video, looking back at all that’s happened with Bite Size Vegan in 2016. And to be honest, I meant to do one of those last year as well.

I mean that’s what Bite Size Vegan’s about, right? Condensing complex information into engaging bite size nuggets. Veganism simplified. (read more + resources)

In the Internet age, it’s virtually impossible to escape the odd email or pop up extolling astounding advances in the field of male enhancement. From miracle pills, to powerful pumps, to bizarre contraptions, and even serious surgery, the sensitivity of penis size leaves countless men trying out untested and potentially unsafe methods. But one factor rather absent from the male enhancement racket is the impact of one’s diet—could it be that what you eat affects the size of your penis? [tweet this] (read more + resources)

Within the world of vegan activism and education, there exists ample, ample debate about which methods, individuals, and tactics are the most effective, and which are ineffective or even damaging. One of the most divisive issues is the use of graphic footage imagery. (read more + resources)

One of the more frequent questions I receive from potential, new, and long term vegans alike, is what to do about employment. How do you find a vegan job? What if your current place of employment conflicts with your values? Well today I’ll give you some basic pointers and a boatload of additional resources so you can stop working for The Man and start working for The…Vegan…Man… (read more + resources)