There’s a popular online trend of taking perfectly innocent images from children’s coloring books and altering them, often with impressive artistic prowess, into deeply disturbing depictions of violence, perversion, and any number of decidedly adult themes.

It’s precisely how incredibly inappropriate the resulting images are for their intended audience of children that makes corrupting coloring books such a viral success.

Today we’re going to take a magical journey together into one particularly special kids coloring book and activity set apparently aimed at the budding sociopath! [tweet this]

It includes such enriching activities as a multiple choice quiz on who should live and who should die based on appearance and assigned value, a hands-on activity of how to properly mutilate infants, and more than you’d ever care to know about semen!

Oh and one thing – this particular coloring book – which is aimed at children and comes with the backing of the most trustworthy source for youth enrichment, the United States Government— hasn’t been altered in the slightest.

Isn’t it nice when someone does the corrupting for you? (read more + resources)

Testosterone talk can be a touchy topic. With its inherent ties to cultural concepts of virility and societal perceptions of manliness, the quest to boost testosterone has become a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States alone.[1][2] But as the number of quick fixes, miracle cures, magic pills and fitness crazes continue to rise, men’s testosterone levels continues to fall.

Could it be that what we consider manly is actually tanking men’s testosterone? Let’s cut through the infomercial fluff and see what the science says, shall we? [tweet this] (read more + resources)

I’ve seen a lot happen in 60 seconds.

Been outside buildings where minutes are measured by body count.

Watched trucks carrying 10,000 to their death pass by within seconds.

I’ve seen the numbers.

I’m not naïve.

I know 60 seconds won’t change the world.

But it may give just enough people just enough hope to fight just…a little longer…

Because it’s the countless minutes of heartbreak that can make 60 seconds of hope so very powerful. (read more + resources)

Today I’m gonna teach you how to celebrate freedom like a real American. [tweet this] So pay attention! Or don’t. It’s a free country.


[That was lesson number one.]


…you’re welcome.
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There are times as an activist that demand careful preparation, clearly sourced and cited facts, and a composed, balanced delivery.

And I had those at the ready…but this was not one of those times.

When my polished words rang false and all formalities failed, all that was left to do was

JUST. SPEAK. [tweet this]

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