gary yourofsky is no stranger to powerful words.  but in today’s video post you will hear him in a way you never have before in all of his talks and interviews.  gary wrote a spoken word piece in 1996 about the atrocities we inflict upon animals every single day- about the horrors they experience.  and now, 19 year later, i have the distinct pleasure of bringing his words to life in a video.  i am humbled and honored.  i hope you listen and watch and give these animals their voice.

here is gary’s poem in full.  but i strongly encourage you to listen to his delivery. [tweet this poem]

The videos I’ve seen

Heinous and malicious

Images of carnage

Evil and wicked

Abattoirs of horror

Slashed throats and severed bodies

Dismembered heads and hooves

Mass killings so ungodly

The fur electrocutions

Anal and genital

Gassings and neck-breakings

The scenes are unfathomable

Baby seals being clubbed

For their skins we shall beat them

Foxes in steel traps

A leg chewed off for freedom

Is it elegant and glamorous

A death sentence for their beauty

Or repugnant and loathsome

That’s injustice and iniquity

A cow ovariectomy

Without anesthetic

A pig being scorched

Burn research is pathetic

Toxicity tests in a rabbit’s eyes

A circus elephant is beaten

In chains he cries

A mouse convulsing from a lethal injection

A live cat embalmed and used for dissection

Our compassion, unfocused

In a skewed direction

Medical research need not vivisection

A baboon dazed in a head injury lab

Researchers remorseless

Three of them laugh

It’s the humans, the humans

Most horrifying of all

Blinded by their actions

Deafened to the calls

The reprehensible acts

Which I will never forget

The sinful atrocities on God’s pets

It’s not inconvenient

To care is magnanimous

To save a life is honorable

To issue death is blasphemous

I cannot and will not stand by without choice

I’ll decipher their cries and be their voice

-gary yourofsky

in creating the video for this piece, i poured through hours of brutal footage.  this project has shaken me to my core, as so many do.  i certainly hope it has reached you as well.  please share this post around to spread the truth and give a voice to the so often ignored animal victims.

i’d love to hear what you thought of gary’s work in the comments!

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4 thoughts on ““I Will Not Stand By” A POWERFUL Slam Poem 19 Years in the Making

    Powerful. “It not inconvient/ To care….” I like that one most.

    Is possible if I translate this to Spanish? I’m from Mexico and I think this is worth sharing material

    Elba, thank you for asking. you can for sure- you can actually add the Spanish captions to the video directly here: and it will link to the channel automatically!

    Sally Anne Hubbard says:

    A powerful poem by Gary. We can not turn away from graphic videos or from strong words that describe the horrors animals suffer just so people can eat them.
    Children and adults must learn that “hamburgers do not grow in hamburger patches and love to be eaten”.
    I will never see the whole world vegan in my lifetime. It will happen but it will take centuries more. H.G. Wells wrote of this kind of future in Utopia when humans will look back with disgust that a one time humans ate other beings.

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