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Bite Size Vegan Blog

Can Veganism Solve World Hunger? National Debt? Your Colon?

By Emily Moran Barwick / 03/10/2013

in our fourth reason to go vegan, we are actually going to cover several topics: all the way from solving…

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The Morality Behind Being Vegan

By Emily Moran Barwick / 03/04/2013

now we are going to address the third, and what i feel is the most important reason to go vegan,…

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The Health Benefits of Going Vegan | Go Vegan for Health

By Emily Moran Barwick / 02/26/2013

Now we are going to go over a second reason that you can go vegan:  health.  The wealth of research…

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The Environmental Impact of Diet | How Veganism Saves the Environment

By Emily Moran Barwick / 02/25/2013

people often ask me why i’m vegan, and honestly, i haven’t found a reason not to be; so i decided…

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Welcome to Bite Size Vegan!

By Emily Moran Barwick / 02/20/2013

Hi, and welcome to Bite Size Vegan where you can find fun, friendly information on veganism in under 5 minutes…

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