What we eat has a significant impact on our body’s hormonal balance of testosterone and estrogen in our bodies. More than any other food, soy has long been vilified as an estrogen-boosting food, often cited by men as a reason to not go vegan.

Beer, on the other hand, is stereotypically associated with manliness and virility—liquid testosterone even, if we’re to believe some commercials. [for a vegan guide to alcohol!]

But outside of the Internet hype and advertiser hyperbole, what is the true hormonal impact of what we put in our bodies? (read more + resources)

Every now and again, an article[1] decrying the prevalence of depression among vegans and vegetarians stirs up controversy, most often prompted by the publication of one study or another assessing the impact of diet on mental health.

While sensational headlines like “The Scary Mental Health Risks of Going Meatless”[2] are sure to grab attention and pique the Schadenfreude-driven morbid fascination with taking veganism down a notch, are the studies behind such articles actually the damning evidence of vegan-induced mental unbalance their purported to be? (read more + resources)

There is no excuse for this. They were all babies—less than 6 months old. It doesn’t have to be this way. Please see below for more information. (read more + resources)

Hi there! If you’re a kid and you love meeting really cool animals in real life—and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?—then this video is for you! [tweet this]

I’m so excited to be making another video just for you. So far in my videos for kids we’ve talked about why we don’t drink milk, or eat meat or eggs, or honey, or wear wool, how you can be a superhero for the planet, the people and the animals by being vegan, and even heard from real vegan kids! You can watch all of those videos later if you want linked right here and below! (read more + resources)

This was my first ever LIVE Q&A. And twice in one day, no less! Thank you all SO MUCH to all of you who watched and participated!

If you missed the live broadcasts or want to relive the awkward, the YouTube session is up above and the Facebook Q&A, is below.

NOTE: For the Facebook video below, the actual Q&A starts around 4 minutes in.

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