Being different isn’t easy, especially when you’re a kid. Growing up, most of us want to be accepted by our peers, have friends, and fit in. So what’s a vegan kid to do when animal products are served at most schools, parties, and get-togethers? And how do vegan parents navigate the delicate minefield of their children’s formative years without relegating them to the role of social outcasts? Let’s ask them, shall we? [tweet this] (read more + resources)

They say everything’s bigger in Texas. Well that’s certainly true when it comes to cows. With a bovine population of 11.7 million, almost two times greater than the runner-up state of Nebraska, Texas is home to almost 13% of America’s cows.[1]

In a state that prides itself on going big in everything from steaks to rodeos, it’s perhaps the most unlikely setting for this story. But that’s precisely what makes it so powerful: how very unlikely it is. Because among the almost 12 million heads of cattle across almost 250,000 farms and ranches,[2] is one single little cow who somehow managed to change Texas forever. [tweet this] (read more + resources)


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When it comes to dietary-centered discussions between non-vegans and vegans, things can easily become heated. From academic one-upmanship of the most recent research to the far more informal frenzied exchange of sardonic memes and crafty YouTube comments, it’s safe to say: “words are had.”

Well one team of international scientists decided to analyze the arguments from meat-eating camp by bringing out the big guns: the N-Words. [tweet this] (read more + resources)

Do animals WANT to be eaten? The question seems ridiculous at face value. I mean even the most staunch meat eater wouldn’t assume such an absurdity, right? Well, when it comes to eating animals, we rely on any number of rationalizations and justifications to normalize the underlying  of incongruity of our actions. (read more + resources)