Hitler’s Holocaust is one of the most iconic examples of human cruelty, systematic desensitization and social manipulation in human history. That such brutality could possibly take place in our modern world is a testament to the power of a lie repeated often enough.

Humanity must learn from the horrors of our past so as not to repeat them time and again. So when those who survived the Holocaust speak, we, collectively, should listen. [tweet this] (read more + resources)

Most 12-year-old kids go to school, come home, maybe play video games or an after-school sport, go to the movies with their friends and work on homework. And then there’s Thomas Ponce, who, by the age of 12 had formed his own lobbying organization and was active in local government, meeting with congressmen and officials and providing a voice for the animals. With corporations and the animal products industry having some of the loudest lobbyist around, Thomas is working to level the playing field and ensure that the animals are heard. Having started his path to animal activism at the age of 4 years old, Thomas is no ordinary kid. He’s a veritable force to be reckoned with. [tweet this] (read more + resources)

Hi there! If you’re a kid, and you want to go vegan, then this video is for you.!  Going vegan can be hard sometimes. When you’re a kid in a non-vegan family and your parents or guardians are unsupportive of your decision to go vegan, it can feel downright impossible. But don’t lose hope. Today I’ve brought together 24 of the top experts in this field to share their best advice. Who are these most wise souls? Real vegan kids, of course! [tweet this(read more + resources)

When defensive lineman David Carter set out to gain weight for football season, he added milkshakes and entire gallons of milk into his daily routine. And the weight came, but so did the pain, tendonitis, fatigue, and numbness. It wasn’t until he watched a documentary about the health impact of animal products that David realized he was feeding his body’s diseases. So this barbecue-loving, dairy-chugging, NFL defensive lineman did the unthinkable: he went vegan. And everything changed. (read more + resources)



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