There are times as an activist that demand careful preparation, clearly sourced and cited facts, and a composed, balanced delivery.

And I had those at the ready…but this was not one of those times.

When my polished words rang false and all formalities failed, all that was left to do was

JUST. SPEAK. [tweet this]

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We expect our schools to be places of childhood enrichment, where kids acquire the knowledge they need to make sound choices in life. But what happens when the system designed to nourish their minds endangers and damages their bodies?

With school cafeterias continuing to serve food that has been scientifically proven to cause disease, while refusing to offer healthy alternatives, it’s time to ask the seemingly absurd yet unfortunately necessary question: are school lunches killing our kids? [tweet this] (read more + resources)

This video is for those who will never see it—my words for those who will never hear them.
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Most people take great pains to avoid confronting the disturbing, horrifying, and heartbreaking reality of where our food comes from, preferring to take comfort in humane labels, shiny packages and slick marketing.

Then there are those few who run towards the truth with eyes open, forever changed by what they see, while even fewer still somehow manage the impossible feat of finding hope amidst the horror. Writer and director Shaun Monson is one these fewest of the few. [tweet this] (read more + resources)

The original post of this speech was unjustly censored as it began a viral ascent in views, engagement, and impact. After being “flagged” by viewers, YouTube restricted the video under the guise of, yet in direct conflict with, its terms of use policies.

Unbeknownst to YouTube, their actions in this case provided a perfect illustration of precisely what this speech is designed to draw attention to: the contradictions and absurdities in our society’s perception of non-human animals.

The vide above is the “relaunched” version of this speech, made necessary by YouTube’s censorship. Below is the original video post, which you must be logged into YouTube with age verification to view.

To learn more about YouTube’s inconsistent, biased restriction of content, in violation of its own policies, please refer to this post.

What would you do if you found out that everything you know, everything you believe, everything you’ve been told since you were a child was a lie?

And not just any lie, but one carefully crafted, finely tuned, expertly executed, and deliberately designed with the express purpose of assuring you that wrong was right, that bad was good, and that violence was love.

A lie powerful enough to manipulate you into taking part in horrific and barbaric acts you’d otherwise find appalling. Powerful enough to wash blood from your hands; to alter your perception so severely that murder appears mundane and compassion becomes extreme. [tweet this] (read more + resources)