What if I told you being vegan doesn’t have to be expensive? What if I told you how to make a healthy vegan meal for less than a dollar? What if I told you that you can eat vegan on $4 a day?

Well that’s what I’m telling you. In this post… below…  (read more + resources)

Raising children vegan is already a controversial topic, involving such hot-button issues as proper parenting, dietary choice, child nutrition, religious freedom and parental responsibility. But when a vegan infant or child becomes seriously ill or passes away, the debate moves from the realm of the controversial to the criminal. (read more + resources)

From pills and pumps to surgery and shockwaves, there’s no shortage of creative, costly and confounding treatments for erectile dysfunction. And with patients desperate for solutions and doctors quick to dole out medication, symptom-focused quick fixes with high profit margins overtake any discussion of prevention, cause or lasting cure.

But the most disturbing omission of all in the booming business that’s arisen from the battle against impotence, is the fact that erectile dysfunction is not only a top concern for men, but also their top killer. [tweet this] (read more + resources)

Kosher (כשר) and halal (حلال) dietary guidelines—particularly in regards to the treatment and slaughter of animals—have long sparked controversy and debate, even within their respective religious communities. The most contentious aspect of ritual slaughter—taking the international stage more than once—is whether shechita (שְׁחִיטָה)[1][2][3] and zabiha/dhabiha/al-dhabh ( ذَبِيْحَة)[4][5][6] (the terms for slaughter performed to kosher and halal standards respectively) are the most humane and merciful or the most brutal and barbaric. [tweet this] (read more + resources)

There are some huge changes happening with Bite Size Vegan, with the most immediate and obvious one happening next week. I’ll tell you what that is, then the main reasons why it’s happening and then the reasons it scares the bajeesus out of me. (yay!)

And about my upcoming speeches, which will be another overseas adventure so stay tuned for that! (read more + resources)