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It’s time to get up close and personal. This may be a horrible plan…
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What’s not to love about the zoo when you’re a kid? You get to see all kinds of animals from polar bears to giraffes. You can stand eye-to-eye with a chimpanzee, watch exotic birds preen and perform. You can watch penguins waddle on land and fly underwater, and see lions, tiger and bears! As a parent, there’s a lot to love too. Plenty of fun for the kids, and, more importantly, education. They can learn about the natural habitat and behaviors of animals from all over the world and the value of conservation. But are these really the lessons zoos are conveying? Or is there a stronger message being imparted? [tweet this] (read more + resources)

With all that’s wrong with our world, it’s easy to lose hope. But that’s exactly why it’s all the more vital to recognize and reward courage, compassion, and real acts of heroism. The stories you’ll hear today are of real kids making a real difference for the animals, the planet, and each other. They are heroes in the truest sense of the word. [tweet this] (read more + resources)